miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2007

Yellowjackets - Like a River (1993)


Russell Ferrante - piano and Synthesizers

Jimmy haslip - Bass

William Kennedy - Drums

Bob Mintzer - Saxophones

Nana vasconcelos - Percussion & Vocals

Tim Hagens - Trumpet

Steve Croes - Synclavier

Bill Gable - vocals

Judd Miller - EWI programming

Tracks & link in comments

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Beltello dijo...

1. Man Facing North
2. My Old School
3. River Waltz
4. Dewey
5. Memoirs
6. Azure Moon
7. Suenos
8. 1998
9. Sandstone
10. Solitude

OldHippieRick dijo...

What A Great Share,Memoirs is just so cool and never knew which album it was on and one Jazz24 never plays.
Thanks I'll add it my player today!
Rick :-)

OldHippieRick dijo...

I spoke to soon the link was dead
miss a another good one.How a heads up if you re post it?